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    • Sustainability
  2. News

    Cooperation enables the city to promote measures related to nature and the environment and to access external funding.

    • Sustainability
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    Based on the results, policy recommendations on cities’ sustainability work will be presented to the European Commission.

    • Sustainability
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    The city will participate in a hackathon that aims for a better future. The event will be held from 31 March to 2 April, simultaneously on two continents.

    • Sustainability
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    • Sustainability
    • Urban development
  6. News

    How did we implement circularity in Espoo in 2022? This year, we reported, for the first time, on the progress of the circular economy through a compilation that covers all the measures taken by the...

    • Sustainability
  7. News

    Plastic as a material is, at the same time, very familiar and quite unfamiliar to us. We see it everywhere but rarely come across it in other forms than finished products. To make plastic more...

    • Sustainability
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    The City of Espoo’s Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development carries out green transition demonstrations with companies. The demonstrations are pilot projects that promote low-emission...

    • Sustainability
    • Innovation work
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    The Service Map of the Helsinki metropolitan area has an item called Circular Economy, where you can find things such as rental and second hand stores in your area. The service package now covers not...

    • Sustainability
    • Entrepreneusrship
  10. News

    Two new innovative robots will be piloted in the Helsinki metropolitan area. One will be cleaning walls and the other helping to empty recycling bins. The pilots are part of the AutoMod-project run...

    • Innovation work
    • Sustainability
    • Climate
    • Entrepreneusrship
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