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  1. News

    Espoo school and holiday times for school year 2022-2023 are decided


    Next year in Espoo, the schools and upper secondary schools will begin the school year on 11 August 2022.

    • Growth and Learning
    • Preschool
    • Basic Education
    • General Upper Secondary Education
  2. News

    Espoo Magazine 4/2021: Live and enjoy


    The latest issue of Espoo Magazine explores how leisure activities and experiences and a vibrant business community help create a dynamic city. This year’s last city magazine will be delivered to all...

  3. News

    First city-wide biomass mapping in Espoo


    The objective of the biomass mapping was to create an overall image of Espoo’s biomass types. In addition to cooperation within the city, it is also important to develop the utilisation of biomass...

    • Sustainability
  4. News

    Find the Christmas spirit with Glims Farmsted Museum!


    Welcome to enjoy the festive atmosphere in Glims Farmstead Museum 28.11.2021–13.1.2022!

    • History
  5. News

    Economically Sustainable Espoo programme steers the development of our school network


    The City of Espoo school network will be developed by seeking larger school units in accordance with the Economically Sustainable Espoo programme approved by the City Council. City staff and...

    • Growth and Learning
    • Basic Education
  6. News

    Turn on the light for women’s safety on 25 November


    On Thursday, 25 November, we challenge all Espoo residents to turn on the light to remind us of violence against women.

    • Adult social work services
  7. News

    It is slippery outside: anticipate, do not fall or crash


    Roads and streets are now particularly slippery throughout Espoo. Alternating mild and freezing weather is also forecast for the rest of the week, which means that difficult road conditions will...

  8. News

    The Metropolitan Area coronavirus coordination group decides on stricter mask recommendations and extensive remote work


    The Metropolitan Area coronavirus coordination group has decided to tighten the face mask recommendation in its region. With this decision, the metropolitan area will return to a broad face mask...

    • Covid
  9. News

    Creating more customer-oriented services with the help of data


    At the beginning of the Six City Strategy, the six largest cities in Finland shared the view that opening data and interfaces is an important part of service and urban development. Data opening is...

    • Innovation work
  10. News

    New project expedites green transition and utilisation of digital solutions in Espoo


    The Implementation Pathway for Environments that Accelerate Sustainable Growth (KETO) project develops cooperation between businesses, educational institutes and research organisations, and creates...

    • Sustainability
    • Urban development
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