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  1. News

    At the Our Espoo 20X0 event series held in spring 2022, residents and city planners discussed the future of the City of Espoo. Espoo residents were especially concerned about local services, mobility...

    • Zoning
    • Urban development
  2. News

    Like the previous years, the City of Espoo participated in the Kilometrikisa competition that promotes commuter and everyday cycling. Kilometrikisa is a playful competition between work communities,...

    • Climate
    • Work for Espoo
    • Sustainability
  3. News
  4. News

    People often feel like taking up a new hobby in the autumn. It is especially easy to start a hobby if it is free of charge. The City of Espoo’s Sports and Exercise Unit offers a wide range of free...

  5. News

    At its first meeting of the autumn, the committee issued, among other things, an opinion on the project plan for the theatre of the Espoo Cultural Centre.

    • Culture Committee
  6. News

    Espoo has set itself the goal of achieving carbon neutral by 2030. The Climate Watch service allows you to follow how the city is progressing in implementing its climate action. The Climate action...

    • Climate
    • Sustainability
  7. News

    High school students Sisi, Linnea and Teresa participated in the Kesäyrittäjä programme to develop a joint business idea. The goal was to create themselves a nice summer job. The experience taught a...

  8. News

    Uni Kujamäki, 17, from Espoo, did not get the summer jobs she applied for and decided to become an entrepreneur. The close circle people helped to identify skills and strengths that could bring joy...

  9. News

    Over the past 12 months, have you noticed someone supplying alcohol to minors in your neighbourhood? Have you been scared of intoxicated people on the street or in another public place in Espoo?

  10. News

    The second and final autumn of the KEPA Uusimaa project has just started. The work will now focus on competence development, consideration of clients with intellectual disabilities and similar...

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