School Health Care

School health care is a preventive service that supports pupils’ well-being, healthy growth, development and ability to study. Sudden and long-term illnesses as well as accidents occurring in the pupil’s free time are to be treated at the local health centre. The responsibility for handling first aid situations belongs to the entire school’s staff, and the child’s guardian is responsible for arranging further care for them.

School health care appointment and counseling

You can contact the school nurse or visit the nurse during their walk-in hours to discuss the child’s or young person’s health and well-being if it affects their school attendance and performance. We do not discuss pupils’ health information on Wilma.

More information link)  (salasana ESPOO)

What issues can the school nurse help? 

  • stress, anxiety, symptoms of depression, restlessness and coping 
  • sexuality, birth control, puberty and relationships 
  • nutrition, sleep, exercise and substance abuse 
  • monitoring of growth and development 
  • vaccinations 
  • 1-10 grade health checks


To book an appointment for a health check by a school nurse, a vaccination or an individual need, you can:


Guardians can attend their child’s health check or other appointment with a school nurse through a video link while the child / young person is in the nurse’s room. If you wish to attend an appointment through a video link, please contact the school nurse in advance and give them your email address.

Walk-in hours (an appointment without booking)

To ensure that the school nurse’s booked appointments are not interrupted, the nurse has open reception hours during which pupils and parents can stop by without booking an appointment in advance. Sick children or young people must not come to school. This prevents the spread of infections (e.g. common cold, stomach flu) at the school community.

Walk-in hours: We provide information on the walk-in hours on the school’s website through a Wilma bulletin.

The pupils can use the open reception hours for example to:

  • talk about worries or matters on your mind
  • ask for health and well-being advice
  • book an appointment with the school nurse or the school doctor
  • get vaccinated or have the nurse perform other short procedures


If necessary, the nurse will book an appointment for the pupil or refer them to other services. The pupil can also have a written document of their visit, if this is needed. If the pupil needs further treatment, the school nurse will contact you.

Sudden and long-term illnesses and accidents outside school time

Health check-ups

Pupils in basic education can get their health checked annually by a school nurse and have a health examination by a school doctor in grades 1, 5 and 8. In addition to the annual checks, we can offer pupils other health checks based on their individual needs. It is important that the pupils’ parents are present during the health checks, particularly in grades 1, 3, 5 and 8.

Health checks for pupils who are starting school or moving to secondary school usually start in June. For more information, please contact the public health nurse of your child’s new school. You can book a health check appointment for a child starting school through the online appointment booking system.

Information on health check dates and the booking of appointments will be sent to parents through Wilma at the beginning of the autumn semester.

Illnesses and accidents at school

If your child becomes unwell before school, you should not send them in. If they need to see a doctor, you should make an appointment at your own local health centre. You should also seek help at your local health centre for any accidents that occur outside of school hours.

Illness during school hours

If a child falls ill during the school day, their teacher or teaching assistant will contact their parent or guardian and ask them to collect the child, if necessary. With their parent or guardian’s permission, lower secondary school pupils can make their own way home without having to see the school nurse.

Teachers can also refer pupils to see the school nurse, who will contact the parent or guardian if necessary. When children become unwell at school, parents are responsible for taking them home, including the cost.

Accidents at school

The school nurse, along with other school staff, is responsible for administering first aid. If your child has an accident during school hours, they can be seen by the nurse, if they are in attendance. The nurse will administer first aid, assess the situation, make a note of what has happened and, if required, advise the pupil to attend their own health centre. The school nurse will also contact the pupil’s parents or guardian. If first aid is required, as the parent or guardian, you are responsible for ensuring that your child receives the appropriate further treatment. All acute medical issues will be managed at the health centre.

An accident report must always be submitted to the school secretary following an accident. A description of the events must be included in the accident report and should be drawn up by a teacher or parent/guardian in consultation with the pupil.

All pupils attending school in Espoo have accident insurance in place that offers cover for public sector healthcare fees (poliklinikkamaksu).

Information and guidance on the management of chronic and underlying conditions

It is advisable to notify the school nurse if your child has a chronic underlying medical condition or if they are on medication. After your child starts school, your child’s condition will continue to be managed by their regular health care team. However, if your child becomes acutely unwell, for example if they are diabetic and develop hypoglycaemia, they can be seen by the school nurse.

All pupils must carry their own medication and they are expected to administer it themselves, aided by a teaching assistant. The school cannot accept responsibility for storing medication.

Physical education

If a pupil is unable to participate in PE lessons or only able to take part in certain activities due to a medical condition or disability, their parent or guardian should notify the PE teacher. The school nurse can issue an exemption certificate in acute situations only.


School health care provides vaccinations in accordance with the national vaccination programme. The schedule compliant with the general vaccination programme is available at link).

Vaccinations that are not part of the national vaccination programme and are unavailable in Finland are not provided by school health care. Travel-related vaccination plans are made at the local health centre, which also provides vaccination prescriptions.

Vaccinations are given by appointment or during open surgery hours.

Information on flu vaccinations is always provided separately in October–November.

School and student health service’s chat

Welcome to the school and student health service’s chat. Our service time: Mon−Fri 9:00−13:00.

Due to data privacy issues, please do not share your social security number or other confidential information of your own or any other person’s health or life situation.