Pentala Archipelago MuseumPentala Archipelago Museum

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Archipelago Museum Pentala’s virtual exhibition introduces you to an old fishing estate, located on the island of Pentala in Espoo. Pentala mobile routes will lead you on the paths of the Archipelago Museum and Pentala Island and you get more detailed information about the life of Nyholm family and the past of Pentala Island.

Archipelago Museum Pentala's virtual museum

The virtual exhibition improves the accessibility of the museum, as online the museum can be visited remotely if sea travel to the island is an obstacle. The Archipelago Museum is only open during the summer, but you can explore it all year round through the virtual museum.
Go to the Archipelago Museum Pentala Virtual Museum.(extrernal link)

Pentala Mobile Routes

Learn more about a Pentala Island and Gurli's House with the help of mobile museum guides, either at the physical location or in the comfort of your own home! 

Open Pentala's Mobile Guide.(extrernal link)
Open the Gurli's House Mobile Guide.(extrernal link) (In Finnish)

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