Report on a family’s situation for a court

If the parents are unable to agree on the child’s matters on their own or with the help of a child welfare officer, they will be decided by a court.

To investigate the matter, the court may ask social services for additional information that is based on social work expertise and that would otherwise be difficult for the court to obtain.

Information is obtained, for example, by hearing the child, talking to the parents and making home visits and observations on the interaction between the parents and the child. Social services may also obtain confidential information from different authorities.

The report is made at the request of the court. The report is prepared by the social services of the child’s place of residence. In Espoo, the report is made by a designated team at the Family Law Services unit. If the parents live in different municipalities, the social services of the other municipality also participate in the preparation of the report.

Initial contact related to the report

The court will set a deadline for the report. The interested parties will be invited to an initial meeting by letter. The letter includes the dates and times scheduled for the processing of the case. The invitation will also include a client information form that the client has to return at the initial meeting and a bulletin explaining what the preparation of the report involves.

The preparation of the report does not include actual mediation, but the social services team will help the parents conclude an agreement if they wish to settle the matter during the preparation of the report.