The planning area shown on a map

Vantinlaakso outdoor gym and park path


The City of Espoo has started the construction planning of a new outdoor gym and a park path for the Vantinlaakso park area. Building of the outdoor gym is in line with Espoo’s Lähiliikuntapaikkaohjelma - programme 2019–2028 and the aim of the park path is to improve transport connections of the area.

The aim of the construction plan is to be finalized by the end of 2022.

A preliminary draft of the construction plan has been prepared and which is also attached to this page (in Finnish). We would now like your comments on the draft plan. In addition to the plan image, a written report of the content of the draft plan is also included.

You can give feedback by Sunday 28.8.2022 through this online form.(external link) (available in Finnish)

Based on the answers and other feedback received the draft will be modified to a final construction plan. The plan will be published on this page. Also a report will be composed of the received feedback which will also explain how it has been taken into account when finalising the plan. The report will also be published on this page.

Building of the outdoor gym and park path way will be done in the following years.

In charge of planning: Annika Kemppainen, Horticultural Designer,, tel. 0406394373

Contact information

Annika Kemppainen

Horticultural Designer +358 40 639 4373Tekniikantie 15, Otaniemi