Image of the planning area. The borders of the planning area are indicated in the image with a red line.
Participate 20.3.-19.4.2023

Underground facilities in Otaniemi

Local detailed plansTapiola

The objective of the plan is to draw up a land use plan for the underground facilities in Otaniemi under the Kivimies superblock. The plan makes it possible to create a 3D property, meaning underground plots.The participation and assessment scheme is available for public review 20.3–19.4.2023.

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The area is bordered by the street areas of Tekniikantie, Tietotie, and Otaniementie as well as Tutkijanpolku

Type of land use plan

Underground local detailed plan


Preparation phase


Public landowner

​Read more about the preparation and content of the plan on the project webpage in Finnish​

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What are the preparation stage, public review and proposal stage? ​

You can read more about the process of detailed planning and resident participation on the page Detailed planning process in stages.​

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Liisa Rouhiainen

Detailed Planning Planner+358 43 8255218Tekniikantie 15, Otaniemi

Jenny Asanti

Landscape Architect+358 40 6365495Tekniikantie 15, Otaniemi

Olli Koivula

Planning Engineer, Traffic and transportation planning for detailed plans+358 46 8773003Tekniikantie 15, Otaniemi