Tähtimöpuisto playground


The City of Espoo is commencing the demolition planning of the Tähtimöpuisto playground located in Karakallio (Rastaspuistontie 4 B, 02620 Espoo) and the area’s redevelopment as a green space. The demolition includes the removal of the playground equipment and the landscaping of their surroundings.

The demolition will be carried out in accordance with the City of Espoo’s playground programme for 2016–2026. Residents were first informed of the project via the programme, which was published in 2016.  Link to the City of Espoo’s playground programme for 2016–2026 (in Finnish)

Following the demolition of the Tähtimöpuisto playground, the nearest playground will be the Nurmilinnun-Nurminiitynpuisto playground, address Rastaspuistontie 10, 02620 Espoo. The City aims to refurbish and renew the Nurmilinnun-Nurminiitynpuisto playground before the demolition of the Tähtimöpuisto playground.

The aim of the projects is to centralise the area’s services to the Nurmilinnun-Nurminiitynpuisto area while also expanding the range of recreational opportunities available to residents.

Project progression

At the start of the demolition planning of the Tähtimöpuisto playground, the City organised a survey that provided residents with an opportunity to share their suggestions and opinions regarding the project and the redevelopment of the park. In addition to this, residents were given the opportunity to comment on the draft of the demolition plan. The aim was to utilise the feedback received in the drafting of the final demolition plan. The survey was open from 9 to 29 August 2021.

A report on the results of the resident survey (in Finnish) can be downloaded at the bottom of this page under ‘Downloadable files’.

We would like to thank everyone for the received feedback, which provided plenty of valuable information for the planning of the project. The feedback made it apparent that the redevelopment of Tähtimöpuisto should be integrated into the concept and park planning of Nurmilinnun-Nurminiitynpuisto. This way, residents will be able to participate in the development of both areas at the same time. The other feedback received via the resident survey will also be taken into account in planning. 

The aim is for the plan for Nurmilinnun-Nurminiitynpuisto and the plan for the redevelopment of Tähtimöpuisto to be drafted during 2022.

The plan is for the demolition and redevelopment of the Tähtimöpuisto playground to be carried out only after the renewal of the Nurmilinnun-Nurminiitynpuisto playground. The facilities to be placed at Nurmilinnun-Nurminiitynpuisto will be realised with investment appropriations in stages, for example, with the playground to be built first.

Until then, the City will monitor the safety of the Tähtimöpuisto playground and, if necessary, remove any equipment and other structures that are deemed to be in poor condition. No new investments for the playground will be made before its demolition and redevelopment.

More information on the renewal of Nurmilinnun-Nurminiitynpuisto

The planning covers the entire park area, with the aim of providing a wide range of recreational opportunities for residents of all ages. In addition to the refurbishment of the playground, the plan will include outdoor exercise facilities and park routes for ensuring good accessibility, among other things. More detailed information on these and other planning matters will be provided at a later date once the planning commences.

A separate survey will be organised to collect residents’ and users’ views and suggestions, in addition to which a resident meeting will be held during the planning, if possible.

We would like to ask everyone to hold off on submitting any questions or suggestions concerning the projects until the project commences and the related participation channels are opened. We will be providing more information on the commencement of the planning of Nurmilinnun-Nurminiitynpuisto and the dates and times of the resident survey and possible resident event at a later date.

The demolition planning of Tähtimöpuisto is managed by the Espoo Public Works Department, Horticultural Designer Annika Kemppainen, annika.kemppainen@espoo.fi, tel. +358 (0)406394373

Contact information

Annika Kemppainen

Horticultural Designer +358 40 639 4373Tekniikantie 15, Otaniemi

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09 816 25100

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