Street and park plan for the Gobbacka local detailed plan

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The City of Espoo has started drawing up street and park plans for the Gobbacka local detailed plan area. The planning work includes the following streets and parks: Daaliakuja, Hannulanniitty, Lambertinniitty, Lambertinoja, Lambertinpiha, Lambertinsilta, Pikkunevantie (chainage 0–200), Lambertintie (chainage 1300–1810), a connection for non-motorised traffic between Lambertintie–Lambertinkallio, Välikallio park walkways between Gobbackantie–Välikallio–Pikkunevantie and Lambertinniitty park walkways between Pikkunevantie–Daaliakuja–Lambertinniitty.

A runoff water sewer is also planned for the street area when preparing the street plan. The lateral ditches will be removed when the street is constructed. The drainage of the street area will be by runoff water sewerage. The property is also obligated to join the runoff water sewer once the construction is completed and the area is established as a runoff water sewerage area (Water Supply Act, Section 17b). If the property has another effective way to manage runoff water (e.g. infiltration on site or directed to a park area), the property can apply for an exemption from joining the runoff water network from the City of Espoo’s Environment and Building Control Department. (Search for “Exemption from joining the water utility’s stormwater system”)

We ask the property owner to provide information about the desired runoff water network connection point by 8.1.2023. Please send the information about the connection point to the project planner ( link)) in the form of a free-form map drawing, photograph or verbal description.

The draft plans can be viewed in the Ota kantaa service in Finnish. Residents and interested parties can comment on the drafts for a period of two weeks on the site 20.12.2022-8.1.2023. Link to the service.(external link)

After the draft phase, the finalised draft street plan will be made available for public consultation from 5 June to 19 June 2023. The parties concerned will be notified by letter of the presentation in public.


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