Lepsämänjoentie construction

Streets and trafficKalajärvi

The contract includes improving the Lepsämäenjoentie street from the Lahnuksentie junction to the Pyykorventie junction. The length of the road section to be improved is 3,700 metres.

Project description

The aim is to improve traffic safety and the carrying capacity of the street. Vegetation restricting visibility will be removed. The visual range will be expanded by excavating rock at about 550 metres away from the Lahnuksentie junction. The street’s carrying capacity will be enhanced by replacing its bearing courses. Rain and surface water will be directed to lateral ditches which will be cleaned. If there is no lateral ditch, a new one will be built. In cramped roadside areas, depressions will be made to control the rainwater. The steep inner and outer slopes of the street will be made gentler where possible. 

Marker posts will be installed in the street’s sharp turns to improve the optical steering and, through that, the general safety. Reflectors will be attached to the guardrails on the outside curves. Finally, the street will be asphalted and the edge lines will be painted.

The construction work requires traffic control.

Basic information about the project

Implementation time: autumn 2022– spring 2023

Main contractor: City of Espoo

Foreman in charge: Jyrki Lehtinen