Demolition plan for the Heisipuunkuja playground has been finalised

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The demolition plan for the Heisipuunkuja playground (Heisipuunkuja 5A, 02770) has been finalised. The demolition will be done in accordance with Espoo’s Playground Programme 2016-2026 (in finnish). The work will involve removing the playground equipment and replacing the safety flooring beneath the swing with rock dust. After demolition the Heisipuunkuja street square will function as a recreational area. In connection with the demolition, the square is to be developed with the addition of new furniture and vegetation.


Legally valid

The final plan can be found on this page under downloadable files. The plan has been composed based on answers received on the residental survey which was held in August-September. In the survey we asked residents for their wishes and opinions regarding the further development of the square. Attached to this page is also a report consisting of the received feedback.

After the survey a draft plan was composed which was also available to view and comment on this page during late September and early October. The draft plan did not receive any comments from residents.


The demolition of the playground and the construction of the recreational area will take place concurrently, with the aim of completing them over the next few years.

Replacement playground

After the demolition, the nearest playground will be the Jalavapuisto playground, which is located about 60 metres away at Heisipuunkuja 2 B, 02770 Espoo. The playground has equipment for both small and older children.

Due to the demolition of the Heisipuunkuja playground, the Jalavapuisto playground will be renovated at the same time as the Heisipuunkuja playground is demolished. The project takes into account, among other things, the increase in the number of visitors due to the demolition of the Heisipuunkuja playground, and the aim is to provide more diverse and safer play opportunities for children of all ages.

Read more about the project on the Jalavapuisto playground website at: → Jalavapuisto playground

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