Construction of stormwater lines on Kalastajantie and Suomenlahdentie

Streets and trafficMatinkylä

The object of the contract is the construction of water supply and the renewal of the structural layers near the intersection of Kalastajantie and Suomenlahdentie.



Project description

Due to the construction of the ELMO block at the corner of Kalastajantie and Suomenlahdentie, the pipes located in the block area must be moved to the street area. The contract includes construction of a stormwater drainage system of approximately 120 meters in length on Kalastajantie and Suomenlahdentie.  The construction of stormwater drainage requires sheeting and possibly excavation. In connection with the construction of stormwater drains, the structural layers of the roads will be renewed. 

Trees and bushes, paving and other structures to be removed due to construction will be reconstructed. Grass is sown in grass areas.

There will be temporary traffic arrangements during construction.

Basic information about the project

Implementation time:

toukokuu 2022- elokuu 2023

Main contractor:

Uudenmaan Infrapalvelut Oy

City developer’s representative:

Markus Juusola