Construction of Peuramäenkuja, Stensintie and Kivirinne

Streets and trafficLeppävaara

The contract consists of constructing the street Peuramäenkuja and parts of the streets Stensintie and Kivirinne

Project description

The water main, sewer and stormwater drain of Peuramäenkuja will be replaced and a new waste water pumping station will be built. The current water main, sewer and stormwater drain will no longer be used after the new lines have been completed. The plots’ water main, sewer and stormwater drain will be connected to new pipes. A carrying route for surface and rain water will be built for the protection green area between Peuramäenkuja and Turunväylä. It will be partially an open ditch, partially in a pipe.Additionally, the current water pipe (400 mm in diameter) at the junction of Peuramäenkuja and Peuramäentie will be replaced for a section of about 11 kilometres. The construction of the water supply lines requires reinforcing the carrying capacity of the base through stabilisation.  The bearing courses of the street will also be replaced.

The waste water pumping station at the end of the Peuramäenkuja street will be used until the new pumping station is ready. The new waste water pumping station will be founded on a pile slab. After the new pumping station has been completed, the current pumping station will be dismantled. 

The Stensintie street will be constructed in the section between Peuramäentie and Palomiehentie. The street will be made narrower and parking spaces will be built on the side of the street. The bust stations will be improved and traffic islands and speed bumps will be built. The pedestrian and bicycle way on the southern side of the street will be elevated to be on the same level as the street, and the drainage of the street will be replaced. The change in the level of the pedestrian and bicycle way will cause the district heating line to lie very deep, therefore, it will be moved. The street lighting of the Stensintie street will be rebuilt.

The Kivirinne street section of about 285 metres in lenght. The Kivirinne street will be rebuilt in the section between the streets Kaksoiskiventie and Tahkokuja.  The bearing courses of the street will also be replaced. The draining of the street requires a stormwater drain with plot joints to be built for the rain and surface water. The implementation of the construction requires excavation. Additionally, casing pipes for the energy and data-transmission cables will be installed and the lighting will be replaced. 

Kerb stones will be installed on the streets Peuramäenkuja, Stensintie and Kivirinne, the streets will be asphalted, and some greenery planting will be implemented. The work for the Kivirinne street will be completed in the summer. The rest of the contract will be completed later in the year.

News concerning construction and traffic control

The work requires traffic control

Basic information about the project

Implementation time: January 2022–November 2022

Project supervisor: VM Suomalainen Oy

City developer’s representative: Markus Juusola