Construction of Miestentie and a water supply line

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The construction project comprises the construction of Miestentie between Tekniikantie and Kivimiehentie. The project also includes the construction of water lines and a wastewater sewer on Tekniikantie and Miestentie. The site is located in the city district of Otaniemi.



Project description

The contract includes construction work on Miestentie between Tekniikantie and Kivimiehentie. It consists of rebuilding the existing street and widening its southern side to allow enough space for fire trucks to manoeuvre. A fire station with access routes will be built on the plot on the north side of Miestentie. The dimensioning of the route structures considers the future bicycle corridor. The combined pedestrian and bicycle path on the north side will be widened to 3.5 metres. You can read about the upcoming corridors and other cycling routes here. The work ends with the roads being asphalted, concrete blocks and kerbstones installed, and road embankments turfed. A few trees will be planted on the south side of Miestentie.


The project includes the construction of water lines and wastewater sewers on Tekniikantie and Miestentie. The connection to the existing water line is to the west side of the Tapiolantie junction, and the line through the plot will be demolished. The existing stormwater sewers on the north and south sides will remain unchanged. The district heating and cooling lines running in the middle of the street will also remain unchanged. Road drainage will be improved by constructing stormwater sewers for rain and meltwater that lead to the existing main sewers. Uninterrupted water supply and sewer network services will be ensured throughout the work.

The contract’s earthwork machines and earth-hauling trucks use renewable, fossil-free fuels.

Basic information about the project


Project period: September 2022 –May 2023

Main contractor: GRK Infra Oyj

City developer’s representative: Jorma Kohonen