Aerial view of the Koivu-Mankkaa allotment area, a screenshot of MacSpace Viewer

Construction of the Koivu-Mankkaa allotment area


The construction project includes the renovation of the Koivu-Mankkaa allotment area. The work site is located in Mankkaa, mainly in the Lukupuronpuisto area.



Project description

The project will renovate the Lukupuronpuisto allotment area, which will involve removing some of the current allotment area and the construction of allotments in their place. The allotment area, which will remain in its current location, will be renovated.

In order to start the construction in autumn 2022, a temporary relocation area was established for the perennial plants of allotment holders. The construction of the allotments will begin in April 2023. Any remaining materials within the allotments will be removed. Trees and bushes that hinder allotment cultivation will be removed, and some of the current forest will be cleared. At the same time, the new forest edge will be spruced up by planting new trees and bushes.

The boundaries of the allotments will be updated, and the sizes of the allotments will be matched (100 m2). The boundary markers and numbers of the allotments will be updated, which will improve the accuracy of their positioning. As a result of the Gräsanoja flood structures and changes to the channel, 26 of the current allotments in the cultivation area will be removed. The renovated cultivation area will include a total of 108 allotments. One of the allotments will be constructed to be accessible. The soil excavated from the area will be used to shape the elevations of the allotments.

Pathways with rock dust coating will be constructed between the allotments. The water points and summer water supply line will be updated. Drainage in the area will be improved by means of subsurface drains. A new parking area for ten cars will be constructed in the east section of the allotment area. A deep collection container and signpost will also be installed in the parking area. The work will be completed this year.

More information on the planning is available on the website for Koivu-Mankkaan viljelypalstojen kunnostus -nettisivulla.

Basic information about the project

Project period: April 2023 – December 2023

Main contractor: Espoon kaupunki

Landscape Works Manager: Esa Pensas