Construction of the Kalajärvi park road

Streets and trafficKalajärvi

The construction project includes the construction of the Kalajärvi park road, the construction of a stormwater retention pond, and the dredging of the drain starting from the pond.



Project description

The unbuilt section of the Kalajärvi park road (at the western end of the street) will be constructed and the existing street section will be rebuilt according to the town plan. The construction of the unbuilt street section requires measures such as excavation and reinforcing the soil through stabilisation (a measure in which lime- or cement-based binding agent is added to the landmass). At the same time, municipal engineering needed in the area will also be built. This includes a water main measuring 275 metres in length and 300 millimetres in diameter built on the northern side of the street, a sewer, a storm drain, and casing pipes for telecommunication and data-transmission cables. The bearing courses of the street section built will be replaced to correspond to the current regulations.

The current street lighting, including poles and bases, will be dismantled and new street lighting poles with LED lights will be installed. The southern side of the street will have a pedestrian and bicycle way and the northern side of the school will have some parking spaces. The street will be asphalted and the roadside areas will be turfed.

A retention pond for rain and surface water will be built in the recreational area on the southern side of the Kalajärvi park road’s western end. A site road leading to the retention pond will be built and the drain leading away from the pond will be dredged. In the retention pond, solid matter is separated from the water. Additionally, the pond balances the runoff current to the Kalajärvi lake.


Basic information about the project

Implementation time: January 2022–December 2023

Project supervisor: City of Espoo

Foreman in charge: Tuomas Moilanen