Boats at the pier in Finnoonsatama. The sea and seagull islet in the foreground, chimneystacks of the power plants in the background.
Landscape photo of Finnoonsatama.Photo: Espoon kaupunki

Component master plan for Finnoonsatama

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The planning area of the component master plan for Finnoonsatama is located in southern Finnoo, encompassing the areas of Finnoonsatama, Pirisaari and Ryssjeholmen. The component master plan for Finnoonsatama designates the land use in the master plan survey area for southern Espoo and potential changes to the master plan. The component master plan allows for urban seaside housing, combined with public urban spaces and marinas, to be developed.

Plan name

Component master plan for Finnoonsatama

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Type of land use plan

Component master plan


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The core premise for the component master plan for Finnoo is the Council’s decision on moving Espoo Water Treatment Plant from Suomenoja to Blominmäki. The intention is to design the master and town plans in parallel. The planning area spans about 119 hectares. The City owns most of the area. Ryssjeholmen island is privately owned. The master plan for the Finnoo area was prepared in two parts, and the master plan for northern Finnoo (component master plan of Finnoo) entered into force in 2018. The southern part was named the ‘component master plan for Finnoonsatama’.

Read more about the preparation and content of the plan on the project webpage in Finnish

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 You can read more about the process of town planning and resident participation on the Master planning process in stages page. 

You can follow the decision-making related to the plan. The plan’s processing phases and decisions related to it from 22 October 2020 onwards can be found in the City’s new decision-making system(external link).  Processing phases and decisions up to 21 October 2020 are in the old system(external link).
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