Alberganesplanadi renovation


The contract includes the construction of the alterations the construction of the Jokeri Light Rail line has caused for the park and western side. The park is surrounded by Alberganesplanadi streets on three sides, its northern side is against the Leppävaarankatu street.



Project description

Planting areas, park walkways, stone pavement areas, benches and rubbish bins will be restored in the park. A pergola with stone benches will be built on the western side of the café at the southern end of the park. The pergola will be lighted and kolomikta actinidia will be planted to climb up the pergola poles. Stone pavement will be installed around the pergola and the stone pavement area in front of the café will be expanded. On the northern side of the pergola and café building, a separate perennial planting area and two groups consisting of meadowsweets, deutzias and coniferous shrubs will be planted. On the Alberganesplanadi street on the western side of the park, four dilapidated lime trees and all the tree grates and trunk protectors will be replaced.The park’s dilapidated cherry trees may not yet be replaced during this construction. The rock-dust coating of the park walkways will be replaced where necessary. Two pieces of exercise equipment, a hand wheel and a pedal exerciser, will be installed at the midway point of the park.

A few road-side parking spots will be built on the eastern Alberganesplanadi street, in place of the bus stop to be removed. The lighting will be improved.  The construction of this stage will start in spring and it will be finished by the end of the year.

Further information about the next stage for the northern part and the cherry tree areas is available on the design page at: 


Basic information about the project

Estimated implementation time:


Main contractor:

Peab Industri Oy

City developer’s representative:

Markku Virtanen