ManiMiitti - Participatory budgeting

ManiMiitti is a participatory budgeting process developed by the City of Espoo Youth Services. ManiMiitti gives Espoo’s secondary school pupils a chance to have a say on matters related to their neighbourhoods and leisure activities. ManiMiitti engages young people and offers them a channel for participation. Young people’s ideas matter! The ManiMiitti process starts in October with an online survey for pupils in grades 7–9. Later in the autumn, ManiMiitti continues through workshops, a vote, and meetings of the advisory boards.

Process starts in October

The ManiMiitti process, led by teachers, will start at schools in October with an information video and an online survey. The survey gives young people the opportunity to answer questions about their neighbourhoods and leisure time.

Workshops in November and December

After the online survey, the answers will be divided into themes, and these themes will be used as planning material for the local ManiMiitti workshops. Schools are invited to send active pupils from grades 7–9 to participate in the workshops. In the workshops, young people, assisted by counsellors, will develop the themes into feasible ideas.

ManiMiitti 2022–2023 is underway

During October 2022, pupils in Espoo’s secondary schools responded to the online survey that launched the participatory budgeting process, ManiMiitti, of the City of Espoo Youth Services. Young people answered survey questions related to their neighbourhoods and leisure time. We received a total of 3,221 responses. The themes that stood out from the answers included digital and other games, different types of events, food, and new acquisitions for youth centres. Next, young people will develop these themes into feasible ideas at ManiMiitti workshops facilitated by youth counsellors and held at youth centres in November and December. 


Espoon keskus  

  • Suvelan nuorisotila 25.11.  

  • Kauklahden nuorisotila 2.12. 

  • Järvenperän nuorisotila 9.12.  

  • Kalajärven nuorisotila 9.12.  

  • Kirkkojärven nuorisotila 9.12.  


  • Perkkaan nuorisotila 23.11.  

  • Nuortentila Pointti (Sellon kirjasto) 30.11.  

  • Karakallion nuorisotila 30.11.  

  • Leppävaaran nuorisotila 30.11.  


  • Matinkylän nuorisotila 1.12.  

  • Tapiolan nuorisotila 1.12.  

  • Haukilahden nuorisotila 1.12.  


  • Saunalahden nuorisotila 23.11. 

  • Kivenlahden nuorisotila 30.11. 

  • Soukan nuorisotila 2.12.  

  • Nöykkiön nuorisotila 15.12.  

Svenska bildningstjänster  

  • Sökö ungdomslokal 24.11.  

Vote held in January-February

An online ManiMiitti vote will be held at all secondary schools on ideas developed in the workshops. Online voting will take place at schools in January-February in weeks 5–7.

Advisory boards

The ManiMiitti advisory boards will decide which of the ideas that received the most votes will be implemented. The advisory boards will also decide how the ideas will be implemented and by whom.

Advisory boards 2023

Kalajärven nuorisotila 1.3.2023 klo 17-19 
(Hiirisuontie 1, 02970 Espoo)   

Sellon kirjaston Akselisali 2.3.2023 klo 17-19 
(Leppävaarankatu 9, 02600 Espoo) 

Suvelan nuorisotila 8.3.2023 klo 17-19 
(Kirstintie 11, 02760 Espoo) 

Kivenlahden nuorisotila 15.3.2023 klo 17-19 
(Merivalkama 2, 02320 Espoo) 

Matinkylän monitoimitalo 16.3.2023 klo 18-20 
(Matinraitti 17, 02230 Espoo)

More information on advisory boards from youth centers.

ManiMiitti is organised in cooperation between Youth Services and the city’s education services. Parties and operators linked to the young people’s ManiMiitti ideas will also be included in the process. Young people play an important role at all stages of ManiMiitti. Young people come up with ideas, develop them, vote on them, and finally participate in the implementation of the chosen ideas.