Espoo bicycle routes in winter 2023

24.11.2022 8.16Updated: 5.12.2022 7.50
Sweeping and salting in Espoo.
Main bicycle routes in Espoo in winter 2023.

Bicycle routes, like all other streets, are ploughed according to their maintenance classification. The aim is to have the routes located in high-traffic areas in Leppävaara, Tapiola and Matinkylä ploughed before commuting begins in the morning.

The map shows the main bicycle routes in Espoo in winter 2023. This winter, these routes will not be maintained by brushing and salting as the war in Ukraine has caused shortages in the availability of the saline solution used in the process. For this reason, the parts of the routes under the City of Espoo’s responsibility are maintained by intensive ploughing this winter.

On some of the routes, the pedestrian route travels along the main bicycle route. On these sections, we have to operate in terms of pedestrian safety and apply grit to prevent slipperiness when the conditions so require. We are not able to adjust the gritting width to only cover the pedestrian side of the street, so the bicycle route will also be gritted.

The route travelling along Länsiväylä is partly maintained by the ELY Centre and partly by the Public Works Department.

The images show the main bicycle routes street-specifically.

Main bicycle routes in Leppävaara in winter 2023.
Main bicycle routes in Tapiola in winter 2023.
Main bicycle routes in Matinkylä in winter 2023.