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19.10.2022 7.07Updated: 27.2.2023 14.47
Maalaus Napoleonista joukkoineen sotatantereella.

Tapiola SInfonietta´s Politics-festival 10.-31.3.2023 explores the interaction of music and politics, which was particularly tempestuous in the 20th century.


The Politics Festival of the Tapiola Sinfonietta, 10 to 31 March 2023, explores the relationship between music and politics, which in the 20th century was particularly tumultuous.

The Politics Festival comprises three concerts and pre-concert talks. 

Fri 10 March at 19.00 THE D
Conducted by Olari Elts, the programme features Ludwig van Beethoven´s Piano Concerto nr 5 "Emperior" with Alexander Melnikov as soloist and the Finnish premiere of the miniature opera The Dictator op. 49 by Ernst Křenek, in a concert performance.

Fri 24 March at 19.00 C
Conducted by Caleb Young, the programme reflects the impact of the Second World War on music. It features Shostakovich’s Chamber Symphony op. 83a, an arrangement of one of the composer’s most famous works, String Quartet no. 4, which is based on Jewish themes. Soprano Katharine Dain appears as soloist.

Fri 31 March at 19.00 OPINION
Janne Nisonen, 1st Leader of the Tapiola Sinfonietta, leads the orchestra in a programme focusing on opinions and freedom of expression. Guest appearance by author Juha Itkonen.

The first and the second concert as preceded ar 6 pm by a talk on the themes of the concert. The events are in Finnish. 
- 10.3. Journalist and non-fiction author Hannu Pesonen: Talk on dictatorship. The event is in Finnish.
- 24.3.  Professor and non-fiction author Laura Kolbe: "Europe - the promised continent of creativity, civilization and culture?" 

Tickets from EUR 30/25/12, Lippu.fi(external link)

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