At-home coronavirus vaccinations booked through our vaccination number

2.9.2022 6.38

If a person’s functional capacity is reduced and they are unable to visit a vaccination site, even if accompanied by another person, they can get vaccinated at home. Espoo residents were previously able to book at-home vaccinations through Nestori. From now on, you will need to call our coronavirus vaccination number, which takes care of all coronavirus vaccination appointments.

Our telephone service, tel. 09 816 34800, is open Monday–Friday 8:00–16:00. We have a call-back system. Our staff will interview the person to be vaccinated or their family member and check their patient information. Based on this information, our staff will instruct the client to visit a vaccination site or will give advice on how to get vaccinated at home.

Espoo residents of all ages whose turn it is to get vaccinated can request to be vaccinated at home by calling our coronavirus vaccination number. A long distance from home to a vaccination site, existing medical conditions, use of assistive devices, age or fear are not obstacles to getting vaccinated at a vaccination site.

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