THL to recommend a fourth coronavirus vaccine dose for over 60-year-olds and over 12-year-olds who belong to risk groups

7.7.2022 11.20

The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) is going to recommend a fourth dose of the coronavirus vaccine for a wider group of people this autumn. This is a preliminary estimate. The vaccine will be available in Espoo after THL has issued its official recommendation.

Based on THL’s current estimate, fourth vaccine doses will be administered in the autumn as follows:

  • As of 15 August, to everyone aged 65 and over
  • As of 1 September, to everyone aged 60 and over
  • As of 1 September, to all 12–59-year-olds who are at risk of severe coronavirus disease.

The recommendation will be based on a current medical and epidemiological assessment.

Espoo will not offer the fourth dose of the vaccine until THL has issued its recommendation. We are prepared to start vaccinating our residents as soon as the recommendation has been issued. We will provide more information once the groups to be vaccinated have been confirmed and vaccination appointments are available.

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