HUS starts using Paxlovid to treat coronavirus patients – medication only available through specialised medical care

4.7.2022 6.14

HUS has started to use Paxlovid medication to treat patients who have a weakened immune system due to their illness or treatment as well as certain cancer patients and people with severe chronic lung disease.

The medication prevents the coronavirus from reproducing in the body. On the HUS website(external link) (in Finnish) you can find information on the patient groups to which this medication is available and instructions on how to get the medication.

At the moment, Paxlovid is only prescribed at specialised medical care units. The medication is not available at Espoo’s health centres.

Read more on the HUS website: Paxlovid-koronaviruslääkkeen käyttö alkaa HUSissa(external link) (in Finnish)

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