Novavax’s coronavirus vaccine Nuvaxovid available at Iso Omena vaccination site

Published: 3.3.2022 6.36

The Iso Omena vaccination site will start offering the Nuvaxovid vaccine in addition to the other coronavirus vaccines.

The vaccine is recommended for people who cannot have an mRNA or adenovirus vector vaccine. The Nuvaxovid vaccine can also be given to other people aged 18 or over who want to have this vaccine instead of the other vaccines available.

The basic vaccination series consists of two doses. The second dose is recommended 6–12 weeks after the first dose. The third dose will be given using another vaccine 3–4 months after the second dose. At the moment, the Nuvaxovid vaccine will not be administered as a third or fourth dose, other than in exceptional cases.

We may not immediately have enough vaccines for everyone who wants it. If we have to limit the use of the vaccine, we will prioritise people who are fully unvaccinated, who are aged 60 or over or who belong to medical risk groups.

The Nuvaxovid vaccine is suitable for almost all adults. For example, the vaccine can be administered to people who have had the coronavirus disease. The vaccine is also suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

If you want to have the Nuvaxovid vaccine in Espoo

Book an appointment at the vaccination site by leaving a call-back request, tel. 09 816 34800 (Mon–Fri 8:00–18:00).


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