Espoo participating in the campaign again

18.3.2022 12.07
Sticker image of the Koirankakkaroskis campaign, depicting a cartoon dog holding a dropping bag in its paw.
The Koirankakkaroskis sticker.

Carrying dog droppings to the waste bin is the pet owner’s responsibility. If there are no public waste bins along your route, you can drop off your dog dropping bag in an outdoor mixed waste bin that has the Koirankakkaroskis sticker.

The sticker on the bin tells you that the owner of the bin has given dog walkers permission to use it to dispose of their dog dropping bags. The stickers will not be put on public park waste bins, as they can already be used for this purpose.

If you live in a housing company, you can bring up the idea of putting the sticker on one of the company’s waste bins in the housing association meeting.

You can pick up the sticker from the following locations:

  • Matinkylä, Iso Omena Service Centre (3rd floor)
  • Tapiola, Ainoa service point (1st floor)
  • Leppävaara, Sello Library service point
  • Espoo Centre, Espoontori Mall service point (2nd floor)
  • Kalajärvi, Ruskatalo
  • Otaniemi, Public Works Department’s customer service, Tekniikantie 15 (2nd floor)

You can also ask our customer service department to mail the sticker to you. To contact customer service, please use our feedback service(external link).

The Koirankakkaroskis sticker campaign(external link) (in Finnish) has been active since 2010.

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