Voting in the county elections for residents of Espoo’s health and social services housing units diagnosed with or exposed to COVID-19

Published: 17.1.2022 10.59

The right to vote is a fundamental right, which is also implemented in health and social services housing units. Residents in isolation due to suffering from the coronavirus disease and those in quarantine due to being exposed to the virus will be given the opportunity to vote.

On request, the staff can assist the voter at all stages of the voting process. Healthy residents who have not been exposed or infected vote as normal.

The right of the Electoral Commission to decide not to hold a vote in an institution for reasons of health safety is only possible in a closure under section 58 of the Communicable Diseases Act.

To arrange the voting, contact the Espoo Electoral Office, 

Supervision of the voting process

The Electoral Commission will supervise the entire voting process. Nursing staff can assist the voters. The Electoral Commission may fill out the cover letter outside the resident’s room, but the members of the Electoral Commission must be able to observe the voter signing the cover letter.

For example, the voting can be carried out over a video connection, or the Electoral Commission can also monitor the voting from outside the room with a line of sight into the room. If necessary, members of the Electoral Commission may enter an isolation or quarantine room wearing appropriate protective equipment.

The video connection can be established using a mobile phone or laptop, for example. The device must be wiped after use.


When visiting an infected resident in isolation, members of the Electoral Commission must wear respirators (at least FFP2), face shields or goggles, protective clothing and protective gloves, and use hand sanitiser. Members of the Electoral Commission can obtain the necessary equipment from the Electoral Office. With a healthy resident in quarantine, it is enough to wear an FFP2 respirator, protect the eyes with a face shield or goggles and maintain good hand hygiene.

A safe distance must be maintained, i.e. the members of the Electoral Commission must not come within two metres of the voter.

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