Third coronavirus vaccination appointments now available to 18–29-year-olds

Published: 13.1.2022 8.27Updated: 13.1.2022 12.55

Espoo residents who aged 18 year and older can now get the third dose of the coronavirus vaccine after the recommended number of months have passed since the second dose (3–4 months for over 60-year-olds and risk groups and at least 4 months for under 60-year-olds).

The easiest way to book a vaccination appointment is to use the online system at link). If you want to book an appointment by phone, call our number 09 816 34800 (Mon–Fri 8:00–18:00) and leave a call-back request.

By 13 January 2022, approximately 77,489 third doses have been administered in Espoo. This accounts for about 32.6 per cent of over 12-year-old Espoo residents.

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We receive a lot of feedback and numerous questions about the coronavirus and vaccinations. We are unfortunately unable to respond to individual messages. The same people who respond to messages are also responsible for organising vaccinations, which means that responding to messages would delay the vaccination process. Before sending us your question, we ask you to first check if you could find an answer on our website at Please also read the linked news on the page.

We will no longer publish separate situation reports on coronavirus vaccinations. You can find up-to-date information on Espoo’s coronavirus vaccinations at


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