Temporary changes in the city’s meal services due to the coronavirus situation

Published: 19.1.2022 12.04
A casserole on the table.
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Espoo Catering Oy has made temporary changes to the menus of day care centres, schools and care units as of 17 January 2022. For the time being, the units covered by Espoo Catering’s services will mainly serve soups and casserole dishes.

These changes have been made due to the deteriorated coronavirus situation. Espoo Catering has decided to make these changes to secure the availability of its meal services and the sufficiency of its human resources, also during possible absences due to illness.

Meals consisting of several elements, such as sauces served with potatoes, rice or pasta as well as patties and meat/vegetarian balls with side dishes, will not be available for the time being. Other changes to the menus are also possible.

The quality, taste and nutritional value of the food will not suffer as a result of the changes.

Day-to-day changes possible at all units

Some of the City of Espoo’s day care centres and schools get their meals from Palmia Oy, Compass Group Oy, Sodexo Oy and Folkhälsan. So far, these providers of meal services do not have special arrangements in place.

However, there may also be day-to-day changes in the menus of the units that are catered for by these other service providers.

Menus online – up-to-date menus always available on site

You can find links to the menus of the city’s schools and day care centres on the webpage of Espoo’s Catering Services. Please note that the menus may change on short notice, and the information on the website may not always be up-to-date. Daily up-to-date menus are always available at schools, day care centres and care units.

On the catering services page, you can also check which company is responsible for providing food for a certain school or day care centre.

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