Recommendations concerning day and work activities for people with disabilities

Published: 10.1.2022 12.15

Several coronavirus infections have been reported in housing units and activity centres for people with disabilities in Espoo. The coronavirus coordination group considers it necessary to keep the current restrictions in force in the region. For this reason, we have drawn up recommendations concerning participation in day and work activities for people with disabilities.

A number of measures have been taken in activity centres to ensure that activities are as safe as possible. However, the premises of the centres and the number of clients set their own limits on how the spread of the virus can be prevented in the centres.

We recommend that you wait until February to participate in the activities

The number of coronavirus infections is growing rapidly in the capital region, and there are more infections now than ever during the pandemic. Although the use of facilities intended for social services is not restricted, we recommend that people avoid contact with others in order to curb the spread of the virus. Notify the activity centre, the short-term care unit and the transport company of the change.

We recommend that only vaccinated people participate in the activities

Getting the coronavirus vaccine is voluntary. The coronavirus vaccine is available to all Espoo residents aged 5 or over. The vaccine is free of charge.

You can book a vaccination appointment

  • through the online appointment booking system at link)
  • by calling 09 816 34800, Mon–Fri 8:00–18:00. We have a call-back system. We will return calls as vaccination appointments become available.
  • Text message service for the deaf and hard of hearing, tel. 040 639 3945.

Guardians can book an appointment on behalf of their child under the age of 18.

For your own safety and that of other clients, we recommend that you get the coronavirus vaccine and participate in the activities after you have been vaccinated.

We recommend that those receiving short-term care not take part in day activities

It is important that we limit the number of people we meet. If you are staying at a short-term care unit and visit an activity centre, you may expose several people to a possible infection. For this reason, we recommend that those receiving short-term care stay in their care unit full time and not participate in day activities during the day. Notify the activity centre, the short-term care unit and the transport company of the change.

Only visit the activity centres in good health

You should not participate in activities if you have any symptoms, even very mild ones. The clients and their loved ones must assess the clients’ health on a daily basis.

You can also apply to participate in remote day activities

Through Disability Services, you can apply to participate in remote day activities. When organising the service, we will assess whether the client would benefit from this type of alternative activity. It is also very important that the client is willing to try using the service in a new way.

If you are granted remote day activities, you cannot participate in day activities at the activity centre while the decision on remote activities is in force. Notify the activity centre and the transport company of the change.

Remote day activities may also be granted for certain days (for example, part of the week at an activity centre, part of the week remotely). To use the service, the client needs to have a computer, a tablet computer or a smartphone that connects to the Internet. The applications we use to provide remote services are secure.

You can apply for the service through a free-form application or the forms available on the Disability Services forms webpage.

For more information on the service

  • call the Disability Services helpline, tel. 09 816 45285 (Mon–Fri 9:00–11:00 and 12:00–14:00)
  • You can also leave a call-back request or send your application by email to

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