Visits to nursing homes, housing units and Espoo Hospital at Christmas

Published: 23.12.2021 11.43

The purpose of our visitor instructions is to minimise coronavirus infections among our residents and staff.

Visits to nursing homes for the elderly and housing units for persons with disabilities

We ask you to contact the staff of the nursing home or housing unit to agree on your visits in advance. The staff will be there to meet you when you arrive. They will show you where you can wash your hands or use hand sanitiser and then they will show you to the resident’s apartment. Visits take place in the residents’ own apartments. Residents and their visitors are not allowed to spend time in the shared areas. It is important to maintain safe distances from other people, also in the residents’ own rooms. You must wear a face mask throughout your visit.

You may only visit a nursing home or a housing unit if you are healthy. You must stay at home if you have any symptoms but remember that you can always call our units to find out how your loved one is doing.

Please note that, due to the coronavirus situation, some nursing homes and housing units may have more detailed instructions for visitors. Contact the nursing home or housing unit to get the latest instructions and to agree on your visit in advance.

We strongly recommend that you avoid visiting the Leppävaara Life and Living Centre for Senior Citizens due to coronavirus infections.

Read more about visits to nursing homes and housing units(extrernal link)

Residents’ home visits

It is also important to ensure everyone’s health and safety when our residents visit their families outside of the nursing home. We recommend that, during home visits, our residents only meet loved ones who are double vaccinated. In addition, it is important that our residents avoid close contact with people who have possible symptoms of the coronavirus disease.

After returning to the nursing home, the resident should avoid contact with other residents for 14 days as much as possible.


Mask instructions for Espoo Hospital visitors

For the time being, everyone visiting Espoo Hospital must wear an FFP2/3 mask (without a valve). If a visitor does not have their own mask, they will get one from the hospital. The hospital’s visitor instructions will otherwise remain unchanged. Patients staying in Espoo Hospital’s wards may only be visited by two close relatives at a time, and their visit must be short (max. 1 hour).

Read more about Espoo Hospital’s visitor instructions(extrernal link)

We thank all family members and friends of our clients for their cooperation and understanding.

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