Invoicing of annual service charge for food control begins in June 2022

Published: 20.12.2021 14.56Updated: 28.6.2022 13.24

The service charge that entered into force in 2022 applies to all food control objects that were in the Espoo Region Environmental Health Services’ data system for objects of control on 1 January 2022 and are subject to the charge under the legislation. The service charge is EUR 150. The invoicing of the charge begins in June 2022. In addition to the service charge, control duties will be subject to fees according to the environmental health services tariff.

Invoicing of service charge for food control begins in June. The charge is provided for in the Food Act that entered into force on 21 April 2021. The new, tax-like charge will be collected from food business operators subject to municipal food control. The charge covers food control duties for which there is no task-specific charge. These include, for example, guidance and counselling.

The service charge for food control is EUR 150. The charge is collected if the food business operation is in the register of objects of control on 1 January during the billing year and is subject to the charge. In addition to the service charge, food control duties are subject to charges according to the municipal tariff.

The service charge applies to all approved food establishments and premises and approved places of primary production of sprouts. The charge also applies to almost all food and contact material operations subject to notification of operations for registering.

The service charge does not apply to primary production subject to registering or food business operations in connection with primary production. The following are also exempt from the charge:

  • non-profit activities
  • village shops
  • the sale of reindeer meat and dried reindeer meat or game meat from registered places of slaughter for wild game.

Even if your food business operation is exempt from the service charge, it may still be subject to food control. In this case, control duties related to the operation are charged according to the tariff.

With the service charge in force, it is important for the operators to submit timely notifications of beginning, change, interruption, or termination of the operation.

An operator may claim an adjustment to the service charge if the fee has been charged unduly or if the fee has not been charged without the debtor’s reason.

Food Act: link)

For more information on the service charge for food control, visit the website of the Finnish Food Authority: link)

For the tariff of the Espoo Region Environmental Health Services, visit: link)

To notify termination or interruption of food business operations in the Espoo Region Environmental Health Services, use the notification of food premises available here: link)

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