Do you have questions about vaccinations? Check

21.12.2021 13.07

Our online feedback system is overburdened at the moment. If your feedback is related to coronavirus vaccinations, we ask you to first check if you could find an answer to your question on our website at Please also read the linked news on the page.

We are unfortunately unable to respond to individual coronavirus-related messages at the moment. The same people who respond to messages are also responsible for organising vaccinations, which means that responding to messages would delay the vaccination process.

The situation concerning vaccination appointments is rapidly changing. You can always find the latest information in Finnish at and as soon as possible also in English at If you are for example waiting for appointments to become available to your age group, we recommend that you check the page often, if not every day.

We also share our most important news on the Twitter and Facebook pages of Espoo’s Welfare and Health Sector and the City of Espoo:

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