Coronavirus vaccination situation in Espoo on Monday 20 December 2021

Published: 21.12.2021 11.16

This news article describes the situation in terms of coronavirus vaccinations in Espoo on Monday 20 December at 16:00. Please note that our news articles contain information that was valid at the time of publication. The situation concerning vaccinations is changing rapidly at the moment.

Appointment booking for the third dose of the coronavirus vaccine starts for 50–59-year-old Espoo residents on Tuesday afternoon 21 December

Appointment booking for the third dose of the coronavirus vaccine starts for 50–59-year-old Espoo residents on Tuesday 21 December 2021, in the afternoon. Some vaccination appointments will already be available during the Christmas week and after Christmas, i.e. in weeks 51 and 52.

Many people have asked us why Espoo does not yet allow all over 18-year-olds to book an appointment for their third dose, unlike our neighbouring cities of Helsinki and Vantaa. Age is the greatest risk factor for getting a severe form of the coronavirus disease (Covid-19), which is why we are offering the third dose in order of age, starting from the older age groups. We will offer the vaccine to different age groups in phases to ensure that our oldest residents get vaccinated first.

We will closely monitor the situation. The next age group, i.e. 40–49-year-olds, can start booking appointments when there are enough appointments available. This allows us to ensure that there are enough appointments available in the coming days or, at the latest, in the coming weeks.

We will offer more vaccination appointments and open new vaccination sites

On Wednesday 22 December, we will open vaccination sites at the Tapiola Health Centre and Soukka Health Centre. You can find the Tapiola vaccination site in the old familiar place, in the vaccination tent on the first floor of the health centre. The Soukka vaccination site is located at the health centre at Soukankaari 4 A. The entrance is located at the Soukanraitti end of the building. You can park your car on the street or use one of the four parking spaces available in the parking area of the Soukka Life and Living Centre for Senior Citizens.

The two largest vaccination sites in Espoo are located at Iso Omena and in Espoon keskus. At the moment, it seems that we will be able to open the Espoon keskus vaccination site ahead of schedule, during the week after Christmas. We will also offer evening appointments at the Iso Omena vaccination site. We will be able to administer approximately 5,500 coronavirus vaccine doses per week at Iso Omena and up to 11,000 doses per week in Espoon keskus.

Our aim is to offer approximately 10,000 vaccination appointments this week (week 51). We will try to increase our vaccination capacity in weeks 52 and 1 so that we could vaccinate 21,000 Espoo residents per week.

We need more vaccination staff in Espoo

If you have valid medication administration licences and would like to join our coronavirus vaccination team, please send your contact information by email to In your message, you should tell us about your wishes and restrictions in terms of starting work, availability and working hours.

In Espoo, the age groups are large, and many people want to get vaccinated, which is great. However, we ask for your patience in this situation. We will offer the third dose to everyone who wants it, and we will do everything we can to offer it as soon as possible.

We will provide more information on our vaccination arrangements on Tuesday 21 December 2021.

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