Appointment booking number for influenza and coronavirus vaccinations is very busy

2.12.2021 10.00

The appointment booking number for influenza and coronavirus vaccinations is very busy. At the moment, there are hundreds of calls in the queue, and it may take us several days to call everyone back.

Our telephone service is busy because many people want to get vaccinated against influenza, book appointments for the third dose of the coronavirus vaccine and ask questions about Covid certificates. People who do not belong to medical risk groups can also call the same number to get a prescription for an influenza vaccine.

We are currently allocating more staff to the telephone service. Our staff also call clients back in the evening and on weekends, but it will take some time to clear the backlog. We are very sorry about the situation and ask for your patience as you wait for our call.

If possible, book your vaccination appointment online

If possible, you should book your vaccination appointment through our online service. To book an appointment, you will need to log in using your online banking codes or mobile ID.

You can book a coronavirus vaccination appointment at link). You can book an appointment for your third vaccine dose after 6 months have passed since your second dose. If there are no appointments available in the system, you can wait for a few days to see if new appointments become available.

If you book a coronavirus vaccination appointment at the Iso Omena, Sello Library or Entresse Library vaccination site, you can get the influenza vaccine at the same time. Inform the nurse at the site if you also want to get the influenza vaccine. A free influenza vaccine is available to risk groups and those close to a person susceptible to severe influenza.

You can book an influenza vaccination appointment at link). After logging in, go to Appointments and select Appointment at the health centre or Maternity and child health clinics booking from the menu. Then select Influenza vaccination as the appointment type. Select the location for your vaccination appointment.

Unfortunately, you cannot get a coronavirus vaccine during your influenza vaccination appointment, as the number of coronavirus vaccines we order is based on the number of pre-booked coronavirus vaccination appointments.

Covid certificates

If you are having problems with your Covid certificate or need a printout, please do not call our vaccination number. You can find instructions on the City of Espoo website: Covid certificates in Espoo(external link).

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