Karapelto to be a new living and working district with excellent transport links

Published: 3.11.2021 12.36Updated: 16.11.2021 12.28
Karapelto, illustration of Savitavaranpolku from the south.Photo: Tietoa Finland Oy.

Karapelto is located along the railway and part of Kera, which is being built into an ecological and dense urban area.

The logistics operations currently located in Karapelto will leave the area, and Karapelto will be developed into an urban living and working district. Located north of the railway line, Karapelto is part of the future Kera local centre to be built on both sides of the railway line.

Karapelto will be an ecological and dense urban area ideal for walking and cycling. Karapelto will have as excellent public transport connections after the existing rail links increase with the completion of the Espoo City Rail Link. The Kera station will also be developed.

The City Rail Link consists of two additional tracks to be built between Leppävaara and Kauklahti. The new tracks will improve the punctuality and fluidity of commuter traffic and long-distance traffic in the Turku direction. The City Rail Link is expected to be completed in 2028.

Homes for 4,400 residents

The aim is to build homes for about 4,400 new residents in Karapelto. The first units will be completed around 2025, and the construction of Karapelto will take approximately 10 years.

The change of the detailed plan will transform the existing logistics and industrial area into a green and comfortable residential area. The detailed plan covers approximately 32 hectares in area. Karapelto will also have a large park intersected by a pedestrian and bicycle route which will not cross with vehicle traffic. 

The City Planning Department is using a green factor tool for the plan to increase the greenery of the yard areas. For example, Karapelto is to have green rooves, and existing trees and rocks are to be preserved in the park.  Greenery increases the comfort of residential areas, makes it easier to manage storm water and helps to adapt to climate change.

Air-to-water heat pump plant to promote carbon neutrality

Fortum is planning a block heating solution in Karapelto based on an air-water heat pump facility connected to the district heating network. The City of Espoo and Fortum are committed to producing carbon-neutral district heating in the network operating in the areas of Espoo, Kauniainen and Kirkkonummi during the 2020s.

The development of the Kera area started from the south side of the railway line, around the Kera halls. The City Council approved the local detailed plan for Kera in September.  Next, the development of Karapelto’s planning area into a living and working district will begin. Later, the Kutojantie area south of the Kera halls will also be renovated.

Kera will be a sustainable development area developed in extensive cooperation between landowners and developer companies in the area. The aim is to test and implement clean and smart urban solutions that make everyday life smoother, for example in mobility, circular economy and construction.

The proposal for the local detailed plan for Karapelto will be discussed on 10 November 2021 by the Espoo City Planning Board, which will decide on making the proposal available for viewing.

Agenda 10 November 2021(extrernal link)  (in Finnish).

Read more about the local detailed plan.

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