It is slippery outside: anticipate, do not fall or crash

Published: 24.11.2021 8.56
A tyre track on the snow.
Now it pays you to allow more time than usual to get from place to place.Photo: Pixabay

Roads and streets are now particularly slippery throughout Espoo. Alternating mild and freezing weather is also forecast for the rest of the week, which means that difficult road conditions will continue.

Particularly now that healthcare resources are stretched due to the coronavirus pandemic, it is important to prevent accidents, so that emergency rooms and hospitals are not overburdened.

The slippery weather warning applies to pedestrians, cyclists and motorists alike. Older people in particular need to be careful, as falls are often more dangerous for them than for younger people.

Anticipate dangerous situations and prevent accidents

  • Do not hurry – allow more time than usual to get from place to place.
  • Do not drive a car with summer tyres. Remember to also regularly check the studs, treads and air pressure of your winter tyres.
  • Choose your shoes according to the weather. Go for flat shoes with a rough pattern on the sole. Studded or friction boots or separate anti-slip spikes provide good additional protection.
  • Change the tyres on your bike to studded or friction tyres, or just leave it parked for the winter.