Free student journeys for upper secondary level students covered by the extension of compulsory education

Published: 18.11.2021 11.21Updated: 3.12.2021 10.03

The student journeys of transport services in accordance with the Act on Disability Services and Assistance will be free of charge to students covered by the extension of compulsory education as of 1 November 2021.

Compulsory education has been extended and now covers all pupils completing basic education after 1 January 2021. Compulsory education continues until a person has reached the age of 18 or completed upper secondary education.

The first age group to be covered by extended compulsory education is the group of pupils completing their basic education in spring 2021. Pupils completing their basic education before this time are not covered by the extension of compulsory education.

Leisure time journeys and journeys to use various services provided by the transport service continue to be subject to a charge. Going forward, users will need to pay a personal responsibility share of 1.40 euros per one-way journey based on use.

Students must report their status as being covered by the compulsory education extension to disability services. This is done by providing a study certificate to disability services. After receiving the certificate, a disability service employee will mark your journeys as free of charge in the Kulkukeskus (travel centre) customer profile.

Further information

Disability services advice number tel. +358 (0)9 816 45285, weekdays at 9–11 and 12–14.

You can call the same number with any questions about the transport service Mon–Wed at 9.00–10.00 and Thu at 12.00–13.00.

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