EU Covid certificates available as printouts at Iso Omena Service Centre and Sello library

Published: 19.11.2021 12.45Updated: 25.11.2021 11.15

If you are unable to access My Kanta Pages or if you need a printout of your certificate but are unable to print it yourself, you can pick up a printout from the Iso Omena Service Centre or a separate printing service at Sello library.

As of Monday 22 November, our vaccination sites no longer provide printed EU Covid certificates. However, the Iso Omena vaccination site will still provide certificates in connection with vaccination.

The printing service of the Iso Omena Service Centre is open

  • on Tuesdays 8:30–15:30
  • on Wednesdays 10:30–17:30
  • on Fridays 8:30–15:30

The printing service of Sello library is open as of 25 November

  • on Mondays 8:30–15:30
  • on Thursdays 8:30–15:30

The Iso Omena Service Centre is located on the third floor of the Iso Omena shopping centre. The printing service is located next to the health center.

The Printing service in Sello Library is located in the third floor, next to the vaccine site, at Leppävaarankatu 9.

More information: Covid certificates in Espoo

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