Coronavirus infections at Espoo Hospital

Published: 9.11.2021 11.55

Coronavirus infections have been confirmed in the orthopaedic rehabilitation ward at Espoo Hospital. We recommend that you avoid visiting the affected units.

Coronavirus infections have been confirmed at Espoo Hospital. Those infected include both patients staying and staff members working in units B and G of the orthopaedic rehabilitation ward (ward 2).

The first infections were confirmed on Friday afternoon. During the weekend, patients being treated in the ward and those already discharged have been tested for the coronavirus.  Currently, five patients infected with the coronavirus are being treated in the hospital and they have been isolated. Two staff members have also been diagnosed with the coronavirus.

The City of Espoo’s Infectious Disease Unit has placed all exposed persons in quarantine. We are closely monitoring the health of those who have been exposed. Exposed persons will be tested again later this week. They will also be tested if they get symptoms.

Visiting restrictions to units in ward 2

In order to prevent further coronavirus infections, we recommend that you avoid visiting units B and G in ward 2 until 14 November 2021.

Other visitors to Espoo Hospital should also take special care when visiting the premises.  Visiting Espoo Hospital?(extrernal link) Please check the instructions for visitors(extrernal link)

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