Updated recommendation on coronavirus testing of children

Published: 23.9.2021 11.15Updated: 27.9.2021 9.15

The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) has updated its recommendation on coronavirus testing of children. The recommendation is based on the national testing strategy. From now on, Espoo will conduct testing according to the updated recommendation.

THL recommends that under 12-year-olds get tested in the following situations:

  • the child has symptoms and has been exposed to a confirmed case of the coronavirus over the previous two weeks;
  • the child has symptoms and their family members include unvaccinated persons aged 16 or older or persons with a weakened immune system;
  • a doctor considers the test necessary.

You can also, at your own discretion, have your child tested if you suspect a coronavirus infection.  

Over 12-year-olds who are unvaccinated and have symptoms should always get tested when they have possible symptoms of a coronavirus infection.

If you have received two doses of the coronavirus vaccine or have had the coronavirus disease, read the instructions on the website of the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa(extrernal link): What to do if you suspect having contracted the coronavirus.

The definition of coronavirus exposure in schools, educational institutions and early childhood education has also been updated

According to THL’s new guidelines, staying in the same classroom during the school day does not automatically mean that the entire group has been exposed. After an exposure situation at school, we will trace the people who were in actual close contact with the infected person. These people may still be placed in quarantine. Others will be informed of potential low-risk exposure and advised to get tested if symptoms occur.

In Espoo, the entire school will still be informed of an exposure situation even if only a few people are placed in quarantine.

Read more in the news article by THL.(extrernal link) (in Finnish)


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