Coronavirus vaccination at Sello Library on Thursday and Friday 9–10 September and 16–17 September without booking an appointment

1.9.2021 12.39Updated: 7.9.2021 12.57

There will be a pop-up covid vaccination site at the Sello Library on Thursday and Friday 9–10 September and on Thursday and Friday 16–17 September. You can visit the site between 10:00 and 18:00 without booking an appointment to get your first dose of the coronavirus vaccine. The vaccine is available to all Espoo residents aged 12 or older. Make sure you bring your Kela card or ID with you. The vaccination is free of charge.

Our staff can book a booster vaccination appointment for you at another vaccination site or you can get the booster dose six weeks after the first dose at the Sello pop-up site. We will later provide information on when booster doses are available at Sello. Please note that at the moment you can only visit the pop-up site to get the first dose of the vaccine. We do not give booster doses. 

The vaccination site is located at the Sello Library at Leppävaarankatu 9. The library is on the Sello shopping centre premises, at Viaporintori. The vaccination site is on the second floor of the library, at the Sello Hall end of the building. You can access the site directly by taking the elevator at the Leppävaarankatu 9e entrance or the Sello parking garage (3rd floor on the elevator, entrance A4). 

At our pop-up vaccination site, you will receive the Moderna Spikevax vaccine against the coronavirus disease. You can read more about the Spikevax vaccine in Finnish on the website of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL)(external link)

Information about the coronavirus and vaccines on the THL website(external link)

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