Get to know Matinkylä

As years have passed, Matinkylä and Olari have merged and now form an unbroken urban area.

Excellent public transport connections are Matinkylä’s asset. The Matinkylä metro station and bus terminal are very busy. The West Metro has also brought new housing and services with it.

In Matinkylä, the perks of urban life and the services necessary in day-to-day life are all within easy reach. The Iso Omena shopping centre is a popular shopping and leisure destination. The Service Centre of the City of Espoo brings together a library, a health centre and a number of other public services.

The wide and versatile outdoor recreation and hiking areas of the Waterfront Walkway and Keskuspuisto, Espoo’s central park, await right outside Matinkylä.

There are currently 20,000 inhabitants living in the area. The population of Matinkylä is expected to reach 30,000 by 2050.

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Further information about Matinkylä

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