Safety instructions for Covid-19

In line with the decision issued by the Regional State Administrative Agency, all public events at Espoo’s cultural venues (Exhibition Centre WeeGee, Sello Hall, Espoo Cultural Centre, Children’s Cultural Centre Aurora and Kannusali) have been cancelled between 28 December 2021 and 31 January 2022.

Libraries and museums will remain open. However, arrangements are made on the premises to prevent the risk of infection caused by close contact between participants and groups. Museums require visitors to show their Covid passport. Libraries do not require a Covid passport.

Cancelled events will be held at a later date, if possible. Each cultural venue will provide information on the cancelled and postponed events on their website, together with instructions on how to return pre-purchased tickets.

You can find the city’s coronavirus-related news and other information at

We hope we can welcome you back soon!

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Children’s Cultural Centre Aurora