Kahvila Ilo (Café)

Every Monday, Compagnie Mat runs a café at the Children’s Cultural Centre Aurora, in the Meijeri building. The café offers a variety of handmade delicacies, tasty soups, quiches and salads at lunchtime and in the afternoon. In addition, the café provides free-of-charge cultural entertainment.

Open in February and March every Monday from 11:00 to 18:00.

French and Nordic delicacies

Compagnie Mat, run by Mari Hakulin, has provided high-quality catering services in the capital region for two decades. The café’s food and sweet pastries are inspired by French everyday cuisine mixed with Nordic flavours.  

Compagnie Mat: matco.fi(external link), mali@matco.fi

Easy and affordable lunch or dinner

Lunch is served from 11:00 to 13:00 and dinner from 14:00–18:00. Options include quiche or the soup of the day with a bread roll. An ‘All day bowl’ salad is also available all day, as the name suggests. In addition to lunch, the café thus offers a quick and tasty dinner for people arriving straight from work, day care or hobbies – adults and children alike!

Please note! Kahvila Ilo is only open on Mondays.

Price list

Card payment only. (For the time being, we do not accept payment by ePassi or lunch vouchers.)
Inquiries: mali@matco.fi

Coffee/tea                            €3
Juice                                    €2.5
Soft drink                             €3
Piece of cake                        €5
Sweet bun                            €3
Cookie                                  €3
Quiche or sandwich               €7
All day bowl                          €13.5
Salad of the day served in a bowl

LUNCH 11:00–13:00               €10.5 (€5 for under 12-year-olds)
DINNER 14:00–18:00             €10.5 (€5 for under 12-year-olds)
Soup of the day
+ a bread roll or a slice of quiche

Dessert in a cup                    €5

Free culture and socialising in a relaxed café environment

Every other Monday, cultural entertainment at 17:00 

Come straight from work and enjoy culture and socialising! Children have their own activity corner, and the entertainment is suitable for children and adults alike.
Maria Kalaniemi ja ystävät performs Finnish folk music on the café’s opening day, 6 February. Upcoming events include poetry karaoke, a singalong and a quiz – tailored to both adults and children!

Every other Monday, cultural entertainment at 15:00

Kicking off the cultural afternoons on 13 February is Runoropinoita – Metsärunoja taaperoille, an interactive poetry performance for toddlers during which they get to hear and touch all kinds of exciting things. On 27 February, Kutimet kuutamolla invites people interested in knitting or crocheting to bring their own project with them or use the tools provided at the event and create something useful or silly. Entertainment on 13 March features Vauvasta vaariin -leikkiloruhetki, a fun and exciting afternoon built around nursery rhymes, suitable for adults and children alike. Kahvila Ilo will also host a concert – more information will be provided later.

Mobile library

You can visit Espoo’s mobile library at Aurora’s yard on the third Monday of the month, i.e. on 20 February and 20 March between 13:00 and 15:00.
The café has the entire Meijeri building at its disposal. The cultural entertainment takes place in the main room, but the other rooms also have tables if you prefer a quieter atmosphere.

Full program

6 February at 17
Maria Kalaniemi and friends – folk music concert

13 February at 15
Metsärunoja taaperoille – poetry performance in Finnish

20 February at 17
Runokaraoke - poetry karaoke in Finnish
+ at 13-15 Mobile Library

27 February at 15 
Kutimet kuutamolla - knitting and crocheting

6 March at 17
Lauletaan yhdessä, Mari Kätkä - singalong

13 March at 15 
Vauvasta vaariin - nursery rhymes in Finnish

20 March at 17
Tietovisa - quiz
+ at 13-15 Mobile Library

27.3. at 15 and 17
Tapiola Sinfonietta's string quartet

Kirjoja lapsille ja aikuisille sekä pelejä Meijerin kammarissa.