Children’s Cultural Centre Aurora ticket sales

Generally, tickets to all events at Children’s Cultural Centre Aurora can be purchased through Lippupiste,(external link) unless otherwise stated in the programme information. 

Current information

It is possible that there will be a power outage during the event. The supply of electricity may be temporarily interrupted due to a shortage of electricity. Fingrid makes the decisions on interruptions, and Caruna implements them in Espoo.  

If we have to close the premises due to a power outage we will let our customers know on Auroras webpage and on our social media channels.

If an unexpected power outage occurs during the event:  

  • people who want to leave will be shown out by the staff; 

  • people who want to stay can, as a rule, do so and wait for the power to come back.  

In the event of an unexpected power outage, please stay where you are and wait for the staff’s instructions. Our staff are prepared to act in case of an unexpected power outage and will ensure customers’ safety. Follow our staff’s instructions to ensure your and other people’s safety at the event.