Future Stories: open call for artworks – application guide

Espoo's Event and Culture Services are looking for an artist to create a community artwork as part of a thematic package focusing on sustainable development.

Launched by Espoo's Event and Culture Services, the Future Stories concept focuses on sustainable development and its various development. It will be implemented through co-operation with residents, external partners and the service area’s units during the summer of 2023. 

Event and Culture Services are looking for an artist/artisti group to create an inclusive artwork as part of the Future Stories series. The artwork’s starting point is sustaimable development and addressing climate anxiety. 

Artists/artist groups are asked to present a work plan for creating the artwork and a separate plan regarding its inclusive elements. The artwork will be created in the Greater Espoonlahti area, and it must be ready by Espoo Day on 26 August 2023. 

The project aims to create hope for the future, liven up the urban environment, support communal activities involving citizens and increase activity on the local level all over Espoo. 

Espoo is a network of five urban centres. It is a responsible and humane city with a forward-thinking approach, and it provides all residents with a good place to live, learn, work and start businesses. In Espoo, residents can make a real difference. 

Budget: 15 000 €
Application period: 28.4.–28.5.2023 

Application criteria

Work plans will be accepted from professional artists/artist groups/artist pairs operating in Finland. 

The artist (group/pair) will be responsible for obtaining materials and for creating the artwork as a turnkey project. 

  • The actual form of the artwork is not restricted.
  • The artwork's measurements, creation method and materials must be stated in the application 
  • The artwork must be suitable for a public urban space 
  • The artwork must not be discriminatory against any demographic or otherwise offensive 
  • The artwork must be created in an ecologically sustainable manner and/or be completely or partially reusable 
  • Each applicant can only submit one application 
  • The budget includes labour and material costs as well as reporting 

We are offering:

An opportunity to create an impressive urban artwork with the help of the Event and Culture Services’ expert team. 

The site and the necessary permits. 

Marketing for the artwork.

Applications will be processed during the last week of May. The jury will be comprised of experts from Espoo’s Event and Culture Services along with Mia Kaurila, representative of the Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development and Essi Kausalainen, Espoo's Artist of the Year. The selected winner will be announced in the first week of June. The chosen artist/artist group can begin working in June. 

While evaluating the applications, we will focus on   

  • Artistic quality and feasibility  
  • The way in which the artwork supports regional and accessible participation in Espoo 
  • The way in which the artwork examines all dimensions of sustainable development – social, cultural, economic and ecological – simultaneously. 
  • How realistic the action plan and the budget are  
  • Whether or not the application meets the open call’s specified criteria  

The City of Espoo is committed to achieving the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2025 and to being a carbon-neutral city by 2030. In light of these ambitious goals, the artist/artist group can look for inspiration and incorporate the objectives into their work. 

The City of Espoo reserves the right to conduct negotiations regarding the content of the bid and to request the modification of submitted plans. The city reserves the right to – for a justified reason – reject any of the bids submitted, or to use the bids in the future for another project – in co-operation with the party that drafted the proposal in question.  

Link to application form (webropol).(external link)


For more information, please contact:

Jaakko Teittinen 
Production Planner 
Espoo’s Event and Culture Services 

+358 40 1913115