A city full of cherished culture – These are the beloved sites and memories of Espoo residents

Disco afternoons, jazz, open air dancing, murals and theatre performances... Asking Espoo residents about their favourite moments spent with culture revealed a cornucopia of meaningful cultural experiences. Read more about the most exciting highlights and use them as tips for your own adventures!

These cultural experiences have stayed with Espoo residents

“Espoo has a host of excellent museums where you can learn more about the region’s history and present day. Culture and natural sciences, with attention paid to the past.”

“I sometimes walk past the Culture Centre in Tapiola and if they are holding a music performance or rehearsal on the pool steps, I always stay to watch.”

“EMMA, diverse art, children’s robot disco, tinkering with disco glasses, and making pearl necklaces in a colour labyrinth. The best and most diverse art and cultural experience for the whole family. The sense-oriented experiences at the Finnish Nature Centre Haltia in Nuuksio have also been a favourite of our family.”

”Jan Garbarek at April Jazz about 10 years ago. April Jazz has also been the setting for other excellent musical experiences.”

“I have seen gorgeous street culture in the form of graffiti and murals around Espoo. In my opinion, art should not be limited to something that is only shown at exhibitions or inside buildings. Art should be displayed at designated places around the city so that everyone can enjoy it.”

“My best cultural experience was visiting the libraries of Sello and Tapiola. Excellent selections of books, music and movies. And when I needed to copy or print something, the library personnel were very friendly, patient and they helped me a lot!”

“When in the 1990s I attended a community theatre event in Espoo and got to perform in Louhi Hall, it was a magnificent experience. But one of the most meaningful performances I have seen was an improvisation event in Louhi Hall where Ville Virtanen imitated Pelle Miljoona. I laughed so hard that I fell off my chair with a loud crash.”

“Libraries provide families with a wide range of opportunities related to art, movies and entertainment for the whole family. The fact that many different communities from around the world can coexist peacefully here is an enormous advantage. I am excited about the summertime trip to the archipelago and walking by the sea in the winter.”

“Before the pandemic, the Aurora park hosted wonderful light art. I also recommend the Organ Night and Aria Festival in the Cathedral of Espoo. The Gallen-Kallela Museum has some fine exhibitions I visit regularly. Espoo has many moving sites.”

“The museums and entire milieu of the WeeGee house are interesting. The manor parks such as Alberga and Elfvik are my favourite places and lovely in all seasons. Children’s culture has been wonderfully highlighted in the environment of Sello Hall, and it is all free of charge. The tradition continues this year as well.”

“For me, the Soukka Society, and hundreds of others, this year’s greatest act for culture was the Hanikka recreation centre and the lovely Tuesday events. Open air dances, an excellent seaside sauna and a pleasant barbeque shelter. The culture department of Espoo provided the setting, the Soukka Society the accompaniment, and the sweet people of all ages created the atmosphere. We absolutely have to do it again next year.“

“I could mention every great theatre performance I have seen, but instead I will talk about the disco afternoons the City of Espoo has organised for us former young people. We miss them very much. Thank you all for the dances!”

“Theatre has been the source of numerous experiences.”

“The Aikamme idolit concert. I would like to see more events like it.”

“The Sello Hall matinees.”

”The Kulturen vid ån events. It is a shame that the event was scaled back and is now only open to children.”