Smart and Clean Kera

Kera is being developed into an urban district where clean and smart solutions have been honed to perfection.

The area is being developed as an example district of circular economy based on a digital platform. The aim is to make Kera a pioneering area for sustainable development, circular economy and digitalisation. This can be seen, for example, in resource-friendly construction, innovative and low-emission energy solutions, and new types of digital services and applications. 

The change is carried out together with partner companies, residents and other stakeholders by means of novel network-based cooperation. The aim was to create important solutions related to, for example, new energy solutions, means of transport and urban food production.

The work started in the Smart and Clean Kera -project will continue in Smart and Clean - Collaborative Kera -project.


The Smart and Clean Kera project provides a new co-creation model where the city, companies and research institutes cooperate to design and implement solutions supporting carbon-neutral circular economy and digitalisation. Activity in the area is developed in relation to the following themes:

1) Digital platforms
2) Energy solutions
3) Design and construction
4) Housing and work
5) Mobility and logistics
6) Urban production
7) Circular economy and sustainable lifestyles and
8) Well-being and related services.




The project involved eight partner companies: A-Insinöörit Oy, Espoon Asunnot, Fortum Oyj, LähiTapiola, Neste Oyj, Nokia Oyj, Ramirent Oy ja SOK.