Kera Hub

Kera Hub is a space located in the Kera halls, which serves as a showroom and meeting place for all developers and residents of the Kera area.

Kera Hub is a space located in the Kera halls, which will serve as a base for the development of Kera, a meeting place for city residents and a showroom for the pilots and achievements of Kera.

Once a week, Kera Hub will have open doors, so that people can freely visit, learn about Kera’s development and discuss the topic with experts of the City of Espoo. If necessary, the event will be organised remotely.

The implementation of Kera Hub is part of the Smart and Clean Kera project. The renovation and interior design of the premises was carried out in cooperation with the youth workshops of Omnia, the Joint Authority of Education in the Espoo Region. The remodelling and renovation of Kera Hub was completed in September 2021.

Kera is being planned differently from any other Finnish city district. The aim is to build a globally sustainable city, which is built together with city residents and other stakeholders. Kera Hub enables residents to participate in the development of Kera from the very beginning.

Kera Hub can be found in the Kera halls, Karamalmintie 2, 02630 Espoo.

Kera Hub is located at Keran hallit next to the notheastern entrance, at Karamalmintie 2 A.